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The Fort Larned Chapter was organized January 5, 1915. Chapter members chose the name of Fort Larned for the historic location near their town, after which their town of Larned was named.

Fort LarnedFort Larned was an Army fort named for Benjamin F. Larned, Paymaster General of the Army. The fort was established in 1859 as a camp on the Pawnee Fork. The fort was known in 1860 as "Camp Alert," and later given the lasting name of Fort Larned. Its mission: "Garrison the post -- escort the mail east and west -- guard the Santa Fe Crossing of Pawnee Fork."

The new chapter faced a National Defense emergency when World War I called members to service. The chapter sent reading material to men in the Navy and Marine Corps; sent Christmas boxes and over 150 comfort bags to men in Company F; bought and helped sell Liberty Bonds; knitted for soldiers and sailors; and made scrapbooks for sailors.

The chapter was instrumental in organizing the Pawnee County Historical Society in 1923. For many years, the chapter dressed in Colonial dress at the February meeting and danced the Virginia Reel in honor of George Washington's birthday.

Patriotism and love of country have always been cherished. During World War II, many efforts were made to support the war effort, including helping the Red Cross, collecting blood plasma, buying bonds, and remembering servicemen in all branches of the service. Names of servicemen were registered with the DAR Bell Tower Honor Roll at Valley Forge.

Chapter meetings are held on the second Tuesday at 2:00 pm, from September through May. Prospective members are welcome to attend. Please contact us for more information, using the link below.

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