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Council Oak Chapter

Our name came from an extensive and dense forest of hardwood
trees covering a large part of the land east of the Neosho River.
This was the setting for three United States Commissioners
and the chiefs of the Great and Little Osage Indians to
sign a treaty to allow passage to Santa Fe.

The date was August 10, 1825. The route was the Santa Fe Trail.
The Council Oak was the tallest in the grove.

We are the Guardians of the Madonna

Council Grove is one of the twelve locations in the United States chosen to be the site of a "Madonna of the Trail" monument.
Our history is closely tied to early exploration, the Santa Fe Trail, and pioneer days.
It was fitting that a statue of the pioneer mother be placed here.
Council Oak Chapter is the "guardian chapter" for our Madonna.

Also in Council Grove is a DAR marker for the Santa Fe Trail. The photos below show
events surrounding the 100th anniversary of the marker's placement and opening of the
"memory box" which was placed in the base of the stone. It was disappointing that the
elements destroyed the contents of the box. A new box was placed that should endure.

Hover your cursor over each image for a quick peek
or click on the first image, and click on the large arrow for an automatic show.

  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 017
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 018
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 019
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 021
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 022
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 020
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 023
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 026
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 027
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 028
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 029
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 030
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 031
  • 2008 DAR Flag And Memory Box 032


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Our Revolutionary Ancestors

Colleen Anderson Jacob Hepler, PA
Janis Bosch Thomas Paxton, PA
Michelle Bowman William Anderson, VA
Brenda Bruch Michael Boughton
Virginia Brunner George Yates, VA
Mary Lou Buchman Joseph Byram
Enid Crabb Joseph Wasson, NC
Jane Dixon Benjamin Harmon, CT
Jan Haeker Henry Garrett, VA
Susan Harshman Joseph Byram
Sandra Hartman Hezekiah Mount, NJ
Marsha Hayes Henry Lane Sr., NJ
Kathy Hubbard Michael Coppenhaver
Elizabeth Hutchinson Isaac Wedge, CT
Patricia Johnson William Hudnall, VA
Jean Krase Moses Coats, PA
Candy Linn Moses Allen
Ronda Lowderman John Hardesty, PA
Janine Mattoon Robert Jackson, PA
Amanda Maxfield William Hudnall, VA
Monna Metzger John Adam Shaffer, PA
Phyllis Metzger John Adam Shaffer, PA
Ann Otte George Trimball, VA
Joan Parks Moses Coates
Neva Parks William Albin, PA
Victoria Petry Hezekiah Mount, NJ
Suzie Pickering George Cressman, A
Patricia Prowell Timothy Ayer, CT
Vada Ramsour Belcher Starkweather CT
Sharmon Richardson William Howerton
Heather Robinson William Ellis
Patricia Schneider Jacob Hepler PA
Jody Sellers Samuel Craig KY
Sarahmae Swanson John Adam Bottorff PA
Shawna Vunovich John Anderson, SC
Margaret White William Anderson VA

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