The Kansas Chapel

Over thirty DAR state societies maintain a state or period room at National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The Kansas Room began as a committee room, in the basement of the Administration Building, as early as 1936. When the room was relocated to the third floor in 1947, it assumed the dual use of a storage room and a prayer room for the Chaplain General.

Roberta Cooke Kilbourne (1959-1962) chose as her State Regent's project the refurbishing of the Kansas Room. Mrs. Kilbourn had seen the beautiful Sargent Chapel at the Central Congregational Church in Topeka and believed that a reduced-scale replica would make a beautiful room.

The Kansas Chapel in 2000 The Kansas Chapel was dedicated on Palm Sunday 1962, at a cost of more than $8,500. All funds had been raised by the time of dedication.

The sunflower windows, brilliant images of the Kansas state flower, were assembled from twelve stained glass panels removed during the 1967 remodeling of the Carnegie Library in Wichita. They were dedicated at the 76th Continental Congress on April 22, 1967. The windows originally graced the back of the chapel.

Kansas' new room at Headquarters saw varied usage: a vespers meditation hour was held each year during Continental Congress, the NSDAR Executive Board often met in the chapel before sessions, and employees frequently began their workday there, with a time of quiet and reflection.

As the years passed, and space demands at National increased, it became evident that a new location was needed. In 2003, the Kansas Chapel was relocated to an area of the building called the Stone Hall. The photos below show the newly-arranged chapel:

In 2015, the chapel was refurbished with new carpeting and redesign of the back of the altar, as well as other upgrades. It remains a lovely place for meditation and prayer.

The Chapel from the balcony
From the balcony above, the chapel offers a peaceful oasis.

The marble staircase
Access on one side of the chapel is from these imposing marble steps.

Altar from the staircase
Approaching the altar, gifts from many Kansas Daughters come into view.

Sunflower windows
The altar in the Kansas Chapel has
backlit sunflower windows on either side.

Rear of the Chapel
At the rear of the chapel is a doorway leading out
into another area of the Headquarters buildings.

The staircase
The open marble staircase opens the chapel to loft and light

The Altar
The beautiful chandelier was cleaned and refurbished.

The Altar
Included in the upgrade was the installation of a pully
system to allow for easier maintenance and cleaning.

We hope you will visit our chapel whenever you visit NSDAR Headquarters buildings in Washington D.C.